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Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning out the gutters is a maintenance chore that is on the “to-do” list of many homeowners, but is often put off until later because of the messy nature of the job. They may do it once a year, if at all. Although a lot of homeowners think that having a few twigs and leaves in their gutters is not a big deal, nothing could be further from the truth. Since gutters control water by moving it off the roof and channeling it away from your home, having professional gutter cleaning Milwaukee,Wisconsin is extremely important for avoiding expensive home repairs later on down the road.  

In fact, keeping your gutters clean is one of the most important types of preventative maintenance for your home. If your gutters are clogged, water will still look for a way off the roof, and may end up inside your ceiling and walls, which could severely damage the structural integrity of your home.

Here are some of the problems you could end up
experiencing from clogged gutters:
  • Cracked Foundation—As water pools against the foundation of your home, the water can cause it to weaken and crack.

  • Leaking Basement – Clogged gutters are the number one cause of basement leaks.

  • Leaking Roof – In the winter ice can form in clogged gutters and trap snow. When the snow melts and cannot escape, the water can leak into your roof or walls, creating expensive structural damage.

  • Falling Gutters – Gutters filled with water and debris become very heavy. As a result they can separate from the house and fall.

  • Rotten Wood—Clogged gutters will cause moisture damage to the fascia wood around your home.

  • Slippery Sidewalks – In the winter ice can form on sidewalks and driveways from overflowing gutters, creating a hazard for your family and others.

  • Ruined Landscaping – Newly planted trees or plants can be killed or even washed away by excess water flowing from gutters. Clogged gutters will lead to erosion around your home and destroy expensive landscaping efforts.

  • Damaged Paint and Siding – Water leaking out of clogged gutters can damage the paint and siding on your home and leave unsightly water marks behind.


Protect your investment by scheduling regular gutter cleaning with Complete Property Maintenance (CPM), formerly Complete Handyman of Wisconsin. We are fully insured and have been in business for over 10 years. Having us clean your gutters twice a year could save you thousands down the road on expensive structural repairs to your home.

  • We’ve Been in Business for Over 10 Years

  • Fully Insured

  • No Job Too Small

  • Trustworthy, Hard-working and On-Time

  • Fast, Efficient Service

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Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance:
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