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How does our services work?

First, Initiate Contact

You choose the manner in which you would like to initiate contact with customer service.  Call us at 414-206-5004, ​​Email us at "" or click on the "Request Service"  tab and

complete the form.







We will schedule a time for a craftsman to come to your home at which time you can show the craftsmn what specific project(s) you have and he or she can answer any of your questions.  Your craftsman will mirror back to you his por her understanding of the scope of work as they understand it.

Typically before leaving, a craftsman will provide you with a quote based upon your specific needs.  That quote will have a "firm" price.  When a customer wants turnkey service the quote will need to be emailed or dropped off to the customer.  This is because the craftsman will not have a total on the materials needed for your project until he or she has priced them from the vendor.


Usually you will have your quote within 24 hours. 

The first is known in the contractor world as "Turnkey" services and Labor Only" services.


"Turnkey" Service

Turnkey is best explained as ready for immediate use.  The customer has a project needing to be completed. Let's say the replacement of a bath tub faucet.  Complete Handyman of Wisconsin will go to the store(s) personally and purchase all materials needed for the project.  The customer has no concerns.  The price of our quote includes us running to the store(s) and all the materials and our labor.  When we are done the facuet is ready to use.


"Labor Only" Service

With Labor Only, the customer is responsible for all materials including any screws, copper fittings, washers, and solder. Complete Handyman of Wisconsin will supply a materials list from Menard's, Home Depot or Lowe's and all the labor.  The customer is responsible for running to the store(s) and purchasing all the materials needed.

When the craftsman is completed.  You will be shown the work performed for your approval.  If there are any changes needed or you are not satisfied with the work you will have a chance to explain that to your craftsman.  Once the adjustments are completed and you approve of the work you will sign-off on the contract and provide payment to the worker.  

Second, If you are interested in having a quote prepared or the work performed, schedule it via phone, email or by clicking the "Request Service." button.

Complete Handyman of Wisconsin

provides two service platforms





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